Video y Letra: The Compromise

Canción: The Compromise

Artista: The Format


You think it’s cool to be crazy
I say you’re born rich
Stay rich
There’s no point in taking chances

And me
I wouldn’t call it a sophomore slump
I’d say I’m one step closer to being just
Where I want
To be
Away from this scene
Away from this machine

Meet me in the middle
C’mon let’s make up a dance
We’ll agree to call it The Compromise

Step one:
Find a partner
Grab a pen
Don’t you dare ask questions
Just sign on the dotted line

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Step two:
Throw your partner behind a desk
Where they’ll do absolutely nothing
So it’s your job to dance and smile
The whole time

Don’t call it a trend
It’s the only way we think to get ahead

Meet me in the middle
C’mon let’s make up a dance
We’ll agree to call it The Compromise

There’s no sense in complaining
It doesn’t change our mind
Take me by the hand
Let’s Compromise

I can feel your feet touching mine
If you can’t dance
There’s someone else in line

Letra : The First Single

Cancion: The First Single

Artista: The Format

Album: Interventions & Lullabies (2003)


I can’t stand to think about a heart so big it hurts like hell
Oh my god I gave my best but for three whole years to end like this
Well do you want to fall apart? I can’t stop if you cant start
Do you want to fall apart? I could if you can try to fix what I’ve undone
Cause I hate what I’ve become

You know me, oh you think you do you just don’t seem to see
I’ve been waiting all this time to be, something I can’t define
So let’s cause a scene, clap our hands and stomp our feet or something,
yeah something I’ve just got to get myself over me

I could stand to do without, all the people I have left behind
What’s the point in going around when it’s a straight line baby, a straight line down
So let’s make a list of who we need and we’ll throw it away
‘Cause we don’t need anyone, no we don’t need anyone


And I hate what I’ve become.

You know the night life is just not for me
‘Cause all you really need are a few good friends
I don’t want to go out and be on my own,
You know they started something I can’t stand
You leave for the city,
Well count me out
‘Cause all this time is wasted on everything I’ve done

[Chorus x2]

Over me
Over me

 the format